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“God is light; In Him there is no darkness...”  

[1 John 1:5]

The Universalist Orthodox Church is an autocephalous and independent Pan-Orthodox jurisdiction comprised of hierarchy, clergy, and laity Chrismated in the Canonical Patriarchates of Russia, Greece, Antioch, Serbia, Bulgarian, that have been rejected, excommunicated, or left due to non-inclusive theology and discrimination in the name of Christ's all inclusive Love.  As a Church we supports the full inclusion of all people in every aspect of Church life, socially, structurally and sacramentally.

We are fully committed to being icons of God’s boundless love in every aspect of life. We continue to preserve ancient, liturgical forms of worship and celebrations of the sacraments and the full beauty of Church life and the boundless love of God.  Since the mainstream, canonical, Orthodox Church excludes women and gender non-conforming individuals from positions of ministry, as well as excludes openly LGBT Christians from any participation in the life of the Church, we have chosen to continue to push forward towards full equality and equity outside of the boundaries of the Church structures that have marginalized us for generations.

Above all, we strive to make it known that the beauty of these ancient and sacred traditions are not for a select few who fit rigid and exclusive criteria, but for every single beloved child of God.

~Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner~
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